This cutting-edge series is designed to assist established researchers, academics, postgraduate/graduate students and their supervisors across higher education faculties and departments to incorporate novel, postqualitative, new materialist, and critical posthumanist approaches in their research projects and their academic writing. In addition to these substantive foci, books within the series are inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary and will be in dialogue with perspectives such as Black feminisms and Indigenous knowledges,decolonial, African, Eastern and young children’s philosophies.


This series aims to bring about radical change in research practices by doing justice to the complexity of reality in its efforts to include all humans, nonhumans and the more-than-human


The series helps researchers to work with and across disciplinary perspectives, to make lateral connections and to be responsive and responsible to other fields of study


Although the series’ primary aim is to be accessible to postgraduate and doctoral students, its scope makes it attractive to established academics already working with postqualitative approaches