“…starts out in the middle by going forward to the past – not in order to recount what once was, but by way of re-turning, turning it over and over again, tasting the rich soil from which ideas spring, and opening up again to the uncountable gifts given that still give to proceed to the place from which we never left/leave.”  (Barad, 2014, p. 184) 

In Conversation with Karen Barad

In February 2023, the book In Conversation with Karen Barad: Doings of Agential Realism was launched in Cape Town, South Africa. 

In the lead-up to the launch, we re-turned to some of the chapters: Red, Red Ochre, Iridescent, Red Brown, Teal, and Ultramarine. 

Re-turning to the PhD Process

Over the past couple of years, we have held several sessions with researchers from around the world who are close to or have just finished their Postqualitative doctoral process. These conversations give rich insights into varying Postqualitative PhD processes. Difficultated by Rose-Anne Reynolds, these sessions follow a philosophical enquiry format and leave us often with even more questions.

Re-turning to the work of our members

This section includes webinars where we re-turn to the work of different members and affiliates of the Postqualitative Research Collective.