Meet our Editors

Karin Murris

CHIEF EDITOR and author

Dr Karin Murris is Professor of Pedagogy and Philosophy at the School of Education, University of Cape Town (South Africa) and Professor of Early Childhood Education at the
University of Oulu, Finland. She is a teacher educator and grounded in academic philosophy. Her main research interests are: child studies, school ethics, philosophy
with children, Reggio Emilia, posthuman pedagogies and postqualitative research methods.

Weili Zhao

EDITOR and author

Dr Weili Zhao is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Hangzhou Normal University, China. She is interested in unpacking China’s current educational thinking and practices at the nexus, and as the (dis)assemblage, of tradition and modernity, East and West. Specifically, her research explicates the historical-cultural-philosophical insights of Chinese knowledge, curriculum, and educational thinking, say, Yijing, Daoist, and Confucian wisdom, to hopefully dialogue with, for mutual informing and clarifications, the recent post-foundational, new materialist, and post-humanist turns in the Western scholarship.

Simone Fullagar,

editor and AUTHOR

Professor Simone Fullagar, FAcSS, leads the Women in Sport research group at Griffith University, Australia. As an interdisciplinary sociologist Simone’s work uses feminist post-structuralist and new materialist approaches to examine gender inequalities in sport and leisure, as well as the gendering of health and emotional wellbeing. Simone has led projects that examine women’s and young people’s mental health as a sociocultural issue.

Candace R. Kuby

editor and AUTHOR

Candace R. Kuby is Professor of Learning, Teaching and Curriculum at the University of Missouri, serving as the Associate Provost for Faculty Success. She received her PhD in literacy, culture, and language education from Indiana University. Dr. Kuby previously taught primary grades in public U.S. schools and preschoolers in Japan. She currently teaches courses on early childhood literacy, approaches to qualitative inquiry, and philosophical perspectives in educational research.

Carol A. Taylor

editor and AUTHOR

Carol A. Taylor is Professor of Higher Education and Gender, and Director of Research(Department of Education), at the University of Bath, UK. Carol is interested in the entangled relations of knowledge-power-gender-space-ethics, and her research utilizes feminist, new materialist, and posthumanist theories and methodologies to explore gendered inequalities, spatial practices, and staff and students’ participation in a range of higher educational sites.

Vivienne Bozalek

editor and AUTHOR

Professor Vivienne Bozalek is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Prior to this she was Chairperson of the Department of Social Work, University of Western Cape. She holds a PhD from Utrecht University. Her areas of research, publications and expertise include the use of social justice and the political ethics of care perspectives, innovative pedagogical approaches in higher education, feminist and participatory research methodologies, posthumanism, feminist new materialist and critical family studies.

Karen Malone

editor and AUTHOR

Dr. Karen Malone is Research Director and Professor of Environmental Sustainability and Childhood Studies in the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Professor Malone’s research is in environmental sustainability, urban ecologies, ecophilosophy, climate change, and childhood studies with a focus on human/nonhuman encounters of urban landscapes She theorises using posthumanist and agential realist/new materialist approaches with human, kin and materials using postqualitative methodologies in a variety of geographically diverse places.

Asilia Franklin-Phipps

editor and AUTHOR

Asilia Franklin-Phipps is an Assistant Professor at SUNY New Paltz in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Asilia received her Ph.D. in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education from the University of Oregon where she taught in both Educational Studies and Ethnic Studies. Asilia received an M.A. in Teaching of English and an Ed.M. in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia. Asilia writes about affect, embodiment, pedagogy, and race knowledge. She is currently thinking about the pedagogical and research potential of arts practices and popular culture in teaching and learning about race and racism.

Lauren Hermann


Lauren Hermann is an artist, instructor, and doctoral candidate in Art Education at the
University of Missouri. Lauren has spent her career in K-12 public education teaching art and serving in various leadership roles. Her art, like her research, is focused on relations and intersections; investigating how our practices in education can become
more just through exploring the ethics of our relationships. She resides in Columbia, Missouri with her husband and three boys.