This chapter explores the following question: What happens to knowledge in new material feminist, posthumanist and postqualitative (FNMPHPQ) approaches? This ‘large’ question is addressed through five propositions which argue the case for the shifts which occur when feminist new materialist, posthumanist and postqualitative approaches are put to work in research and pedagogic practice. Drawing on specific examples from my own research and pedagogy, the chapter considers: 

  • How feminist new materialist, posthumanist and postqualitative approaches conceptualise knowledge, knowledge-making and the knowing subject;
  • Why these new conceptualisations of knowledge matter;
  • How they make a difference to research and pedagogy.

The propositions, examples and discussion identify some of the key promises, practices, and politics of knowledge-making common to FNMPHPQ approaches. The chapter provides an accessible introduction to, and roadmap through, some of the main contours of how knowledge practices shift when FNMPHPQ approaches are deployed. It indicates ways in which academics, students, and researchers might ‘do knowledge differently’ and, thereby, work to reimagine research practice and pedagogy.


Carol A. Taylor